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Dr. Lavi is one of 100 narrowly-specialized experts in Israel in this area.

Doctor David Lavi - an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of oral
rehabilitation and implantology.  He is an authority among his peers when
it comes to restorative dentistry.
Dr. Lavi graduated from the dental faculty of Dnepropetrovsk Academy (Ukraine)
in 1986. In 1996-2000 Dr. Lavi took a full academy course in oral rehabilitation
and implantology in the University Hadassa (Jerusalem) and got a degree of a
specialist. During his study he was a lecturer at the dental school of the above
mentioned University. Starting from 2001 Dr. Lavi is a senior lecturer at the
dental school at Tel Aviv University. There he is a Head of the Examining Board
of the University finals. Dr. Lavi holds active professional memberships in the
Israeli organization in oral rehabilitation (IAOR), Implantology Academy of Israel,
ICOI – (USA), DGZI (Germany) .Dr. Lavi established and runs the Medical center,
equipped with the up-to-date facilities; runs the courses and shows operations
with implants in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, Kazakhstan and
 Doctor Lavi is an author of numerous works and articles on


Doctor David Lavi is deeply committed to staying on the leading edge
of dental technology and therefore considers constant professional development
through continuous education and hands-on training top of his priority.


Doctor David Lavi,

a specialist in Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology. 

Doctor Alex Magazanik- a specialist-endodontist (root canals treatment)

Dr. Magazanik graduated from The Sackler School of Medicine (dentistry),
Tel Aviv University. He is a full member of Israel Dental Association,
one of the most experienced doctors of an endodontic department of the
hospital Hadassa Ein Kerem (Jerusalem).

Due to Dr. Magazanik many patients in Israel and all over the world could
save their own teeth whiles the others considered this to be impossible;
he has constantly incorporated the latest clinical skills, materials and equipment
to deliver quality dental care.


Doctor Polina Rafael

Dr. Rafael graduated from the dental faculty of the State University (Ukraine)
in 1998 and got her degree as general stomatologist. She got her graduate
education in the hospital Hadassa Ein Kerem (Jerusalem).

Dr. Rafael is a first-rate professional in the area of oral rehabilitation in
complicated clinical cases as well as in esthetic restoration.

Doctor Rafael is hold in respect within our patients and medical center staff.
She has a special warmth and compassion that makes her patients
feel so comfortable and at ease.


Doctor Zion Zabar

Dr. Zabar graduated from New York University and got DDSs degree.
He got his graduate education in Cornwell Medical Center in New York.
Dr. Zabar has specialized in oral rehabilitation after teeth implantation.
He's a keen clinician and has special interest in practical work with
patients with severe dental diseases.


Certified Dental Hygienist Inbar Hazelkorn

Mrs. Hazelkorn is a certificated dental hygienist as well as a dentist
assistant with an experience over 26 years.

She does gentle cleanings, gives oral hygiene instruction.
She loves meeting and getting to know her patients and educating them
on good oral health. Mrs. Hazelkorn   always tries to keep the office atmosphere
fun and friendly. She sees her professional and personal interest in seeing
patients' oral health improve along with their overall wellness and building
lasting relationships with her patients and their families.


We are pleased to introduce you our professional team:

As dentists we are treating the whole person, not just the mouth.

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