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Many people nowadays concern about their smiles and teeth health. They begin to understand that beautiful smile is also a key to happy, successful life.

Your smile can improve immensely with the right specialist treatment! And a smile improvement means realization of different treatments set. That is why we can speak of a complex approach in dentistry.

Oral rehabilitation pertains to the restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of the patient by the restoration of the natural teeth and/or the replacement of missing teeth and contiguous oral and maxillofacial tissues with artificial substitutes. Most oral/dental reconstructions involve multiple phases and office visits.

The examination process requires records of your mouth, such as X-rays and photographs, impressions of your upper and lower teeth, models of your teeth that are made from the impressions and a model of your bite. Your dentist may also refer you to specialists (periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon) for a consultation in order to develop a treatment plan that is best for you.

Once your dentist has obtained all information relevant to your case, he or she will develop a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment plan to correct all of the problems in your mouth and complete your full mouth reconstruction. If you do not understand anything, your doctor will be glad to explain your treatment plan in every tiny detail.  


It is not unreasonable to expect treatment to take several months, depending on your situation.

Many of the following procedures may be necessary:


  • Cleaning and periodontal care.

  • Crown lengthening to expose healthy, sound tooth structure for possible crowns or bridges.

  • Orthodontic surgery.

  • Preparation of your natural tooth structure for crowns, bridges or dentures to be placed.

  • Placement of permanent restorations, such as crowns, dentures, inlays/onlays or bridges, made from ceramic, ceramic supported by metal or a combination of both.

  • Implant placement and restoration to replace missing teeth and/or anchor bridge restorations.

  • Bone or soft tissue grafting to enhance the stability of your teeth, proposed implants and/or other restoration.


Remember, only your dentist and the team of specialists working on your full mouth reconstruction can determine the procedures appropriate for your specific case. Complete oral and dental rehabilitation is complicated, high-level dentistry that cannot be accomplished successfully by most dentists.


You can trust Dr. David Lavi and his team to help you restore function and aesthetics to teeth and to make your smile into dental art.



Oral rehabilitation​

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